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School Days From the Past

 What was school like for your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents?
 Interviews by second graders at Eastbrook Elementary School, West Virginia, Spring 2009

            My mom went to school in Sweden.  Grades 1-6 were in an old building from the early 1900s. She had the same teacher for all six years. They did crafts, show and tell, and played quiz games and made up riddles for fun. After school, my mom did a lot of drawing and painting and took riding lessons.

            My grandpa went to school in West Virginia. He went to a one room school house with all grades in one room. The school had big windows on one side. The teacher could open them on warm weather. They had a stove in one corner. They would burn coal or wood when it was cold. They sang songs everyday and said prayers. The playground was small but they had wood land where they could play.


                                                                                                                        By Eli


            My mom went to school in Nitro. It was a small school with 15-20 kids in a class. She played outside on a slide. They would go outside for free time. The girls would play together and tumble on the grass. The boys would play on the other side.


            My grandma went to Bigley Elementary. Her room always smelled like a sour mop. She always had to wear dresses or skirts. She jumped rope and played on a jungle gym on the playground.